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For those businesses that do not want the responsibility of accurately preparing employee payroll checks, we at Ward, Lane & Associates offer full service payroll outsourcing solutions.

Our payroll solutions can help reduce company overhead by removing the need to hire specialized payroll employees as well as eliminating the need for the company to maintain their own computerized payroll system.

As your payroll solution, we handle all tasks related to your payroll. We will prepare your payroll checks and/or direct deposit, payroll tax payments, and filings to the various government agencies, including year-end W-2 & W-3 preparation and filing.

Our payroll solutions can offer the business owner "peace of mind" that the complicated task of payroll is handled time and accurately.


  • Check Processing

  • Direct Deposit

  • Tax Payments

  • Payroll Returns

  • W-2 and W-3 processing

  • 1099 and 1096 processing

  • Workers Compensation Audit

  • Unemployment Claims

  • Social Security Audits

  • Child Support Audits

  • Other

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